October 3-4, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Virtual Conference

Hurricane Irma forces 2017 REW Conference to adapt event

Oct. 2-4 conference has become a virtual event, and a donation will be made to hurricane relief.

The past week has been a difficult time for the state of Florida and many in the southeastern U.S. Relief agencies, governments, residents and industry continue the cleanup and rebuilding process as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Unfortunately, southwest Florida and Fort Myers, Florida, where the 2017 Renewable Energy from Waste (REW) Conference was to be held Oct. 2-4, was one of the areas most affected by the disaster. Lee County, which includes Fort Myers, was scheduled to host a facility tour and give a presentation during the conference.

The Recycling Today Media Group, the REW Conference organizer, has decided that because of the storm damage and ongoing recovery efforts, it will change the format to a virtual conference for 2017. This means attendees will be able to participate from their own offices virtually, avoiding travel to the affected region.

Attendees will have access to the same great educational sessions and will be able to interact with presenters. The REW Virtual Conference will be Oct. 3 and 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST. Registration is complimentary to anyone who would like to participate.

“Our hearts go out to the families and businesses who have been affected by Hurricane Irma,” says Jim Keefe, publisher of the Recycling Today Media Group. “To show our support for the recovery efforts, Waste Today and Recycling Today will be making a donation toward hurricane relief.”

Those who have already registered for the in-person event will be able to attend the virtual event. As well, anyone who had not registered for the in-person event but is interested in taking part in the online event can register at www.REWConference.com.

“It is a critical time in the waste industry,” Keefe says. “As natural disasters such as Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have produced an enormous amount of waste that needs to be managed, shifts in political policy and new import limitations in China also are having major impacts on the waste industry. Now more than ever, alternatives to traditional material outlets are being considered, and waste conversion is one of those options.”

The Recycling Today Media Group, a business unit of GIE Media, is the publisher of Waste Today, Recycling Today and Construction & Demolition Recycling magazines, as well as accompanying websites, e-newsletters and events.

Hear what repeat speakers and attendees have to say:

“The conference sessions are a rare chance for a deep dive into this type of subject matter. In so many other venues it gets rather superficial treatment, and you sort of plow over 101 all the time. I think here, you have attendees who are extremely knowledgeable, so the questions that you get and the quality of information in the presentations is much higher. People know that they have to present information that accurately reflects the challenges that this industry faces.” - Norma McDonald, North American sales manager of Organic Waste Systems (OWS) Inc.

“There are a lot of dynamics these days in the solid waste industry. Organics processing, mixed waste processing, a lot of things that nobody has all the answers to, so coming to a conference like this and being able to learn from others and network with others and hear what they’re up to is the best way to learn and the best way to move our industry forward.” - Jim Miller, CEO of JR Miller & Associates

“There is so much new changing technology every day in the industry that for the normal person in the industry who is trying to run a waste-to-energy facility, their attention probably isn’t on what’s newest and greatest out there. This allows us, as distributors of manufactured equipment, to display [our] products and teach the people in the industry, whether they be municipal or private entities, what is out there, what’s new.” - William Hancock, vice president of operations, Plexus Recycling Technologies

"There's a variety of different technologies that are here. It is not just one technology category; it is all of them because I think you need all of them to sort of address this issue of what to do with waste materials not just municipal solid waste." - Marco Castaldi, associate professor, Earth Engineering Center at City College of New York

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"This renewable energy from waste conference talks about all of the proven as well as evolving and emerging technologies that want to work on the two thirds of the waste that currently goes to our landfills to get value out of it to get energy to get fuels to get fuels and also more recyclables out of it." - Harvey Gershman, president and co-founder, Gershman Brickner & Bratton

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"I think it is an important conference because it gives me an opportunity to chat with my peers in the industry. It gives me an opportunity to see what is new and innovative in the solid waste management industry and to learn what is happening." - Mark Hammond, executive director, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Florida

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