October 2-4, 2017
Fort Myers, Florida

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2017 Renewable Energy from Waste Conference: Providing All the Answers

While other conferences in the waste conversion industry focus on one area or technology, the Renewable Energy from Waste Conference provides attendees with all the options available to them. As no one waste conversion technology or fuel product is the solution for everyone, it is important to know what choices are available there to handle various waste streams, from organic to industrial to municipal solid waste. Beyond the technologies themselves, understanding the planning, permitting and market conditions are essential to successful projects.

That is why the REW Conference has become firmly established as the premier event for this rapidly developing and dynamic waste conversion industry. No other conference delves as deep into the issues or offers the insights that the REW Conference continues to provide each year.

A planning and implantation workshop, two days of intense panel discussions and several networking opportunities await attendees.

Hear what repeat speakers and attendees have to say:

"There's a variety of different technologies that are here. It is not just one technology category; it is all of them because I think you need all of them to sort of address this issue of what to do with waste materials not just municipal solid waste." - Marco Castaldi, associate professor, Earth Engineering Center at City College of New York

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"This renewable energy from waste conference talks about all of the proven as well as evolving and emerging technologies that want to work on the two thirds of the waste that currently goes to our landfills to get value out of it to get energy to get fuels to get fuels and also more recyclables out of it." - Harvey Gershman, president and co-founder, Gershman Brickner & Bratton

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"I think it is an important conference because it gives me an opportunity to chat with my peers in the industry. It gives me an opportunity to see what is new and innovative in the solid waste management industry and to learn what is happening." - Mark Hammond, executive director, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Florida

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